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I help people improve their health using
a proven holistic approach.


  • Coaching &

    Making lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight. If you are looking to make sustainable improvements to your health, it requires planning, accountability and dedicating time each week. In order to make that possible, I have created a 3-month all-inclusive package to support your goals.
    (Online & In-person)

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition is truly the foundation for optimal health. Since each person is unique, no ‘one-diet’ approach will work for everyone. That is why I use a personalized approach to help you to achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • Strength

    Without strength training, our metabolisms slow, we gain body fat, and we begin to develop other negative effects on our health related to muscle loss. Even worse, a decline in our strength can increase our chances of falling and breaking bones! Studies have shown that strength training and conditioning can stop and even reverse sarcopenia’s detrimental effects as well as have tons of other benefits!

  • Herbs &

    Most Americans are not getting the nutrition they need from their diet, so many take vitamins to compensate. What's not known by most is the fact that synthetic vitamins and minerals are not identical to natural ones, and typically cannot be properly or efficiently utilized by your body.

  • Meditation &

    Meditation is, fortunately, becoming more and more widely accepted in the west today, but its benefits are still largely relegated to that of stress relief. In recent studies, meditation has been found to increase the activity of an enzyme called telomerase, which protects the chromosomal caps, called telomeres, from shortening. These chromosomal caps protect our cells from aging, degeneration, and disease.

  • Energy Healing &
    Quantum Physics

    The body is composed entirely of energy. Many people had thought of energy healing as nothing more than superstition of the eastern cultures. Recently, advancements in quantum physics has brought a new understanding to the impact that energy has on our beings.

About Anthony Mendola

Anthony Mendola is a Certified Holistic Health Coach via the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Anthony believes in bio-individuality, the theory that one person's food could be another person's poison. Everyone responds differently to food which requires an individualistic approach to each client. Anthony's principles for a healthy body stem into the areas of relationships, spirituality, & career which he also offers coaching in. These areas are the foundations to achieving superior health.

What I Can Do For You

"My desire is to help men & women in achieving their health and lifestyle goals. I create a customized plan that makes it easy and supports you in creating a positive healthy lifestyle.

Anthony Mendola

Anthony Mendola

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach



Online Coaching

If you travel a lot for work or plan to maintain your progress during a vacation, online integrative health coaching may fit you well. Beyond your personalized online plan, you and Anthony can communicate in whichever way you are most comfortable. That way, you can relax knowing he will be with you to help you achieve your vision and goals for transformation – even when you are far away from home.

One-on-One Coaching

As the name implies, one on one training with Anthony involves in-person attention in order to achieve your health goals with close cooperation and the kind of detailed instruction that happens when Anthony is there in person to guide, instruct and inspire. Anthony’s clients see him as a judgment-free coach who actively listens to your needs – someone you can trust and relax with. Indeed, he motivates many people by helping them see how positive and lasting lifestyle changes are not only possible – but inevitable when we create your personalized plan that’s easy to stick to because we create it with YOU in mind.

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